Faculty of Administration

Research Centre of the Faculty of Administration consists of researchers, which are interconnected in various research and project teams of national and international character and study economic- financial, administrative-legal, information-organizational phenomena, processes and practices .

Institute for Informatization of Administration was established in 1996 in order to develop interdisciplinary and specialized knowledge on research, consulting, design and implementation of informatization in the organizational and administrative environment. The main areas of the Institute’s operations are primarily the implementation of research, development, applied and consulting projects in the field, at home and abroad, and the issue of specialized scientific publications in the field of organization and informatization of administration.

Institute fulfils its objectives through:

  • Research, development and professional activities: the acquisition and cooperation in basic research and applied projects in Slovenia and abroad, cooperation with related institutes around the world,
  • Consultancy activities: development of systems for document management in the public sector, business process reengineering in administration, consultation and participation in the informatization of the public sector, development and deployment of e-commerce, e-government, and resolving of other organizational and human resources problems of the public sector.